Chile Apartment - Research

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Step by Step to find an Apartment

Step 1

First of all you don't want to go into the situation without any prior knowledge, granted looking at just background information won't completely prepare you but it will give you a good starting point in several highly important fields of concern. A good example of this is the rate of natural disasters and newer buildings will typically have a higher level of development to their foundations to cope with these variables.

Its also worth thinking about investing a bit of time going on a trip to the location of your choice if you haven't already, to get an idea if it really is the place that you expected.

Step 2

Find some form of public transportation and have the map handy to do a bit of scouting around so you can get a feel of what area is more "your style" and then ask at local restaurants and shops what they would recommend, it might not produce a result on every corner but if you don't ask you don't get.

As a general rule the cheaper a place is, the more likely it will be in a bad area that is safe to say common knowledge but there are other factors that will contribute to the value of an apartment for example the condition of the building. So be sure to write up a list of potentials and don't always rule out the cheap option because sometimes pleasant surprises can be found.