Ronga Tablets

Ronga Tablets

The Ronga tablets seemed to be some kind of religious if not mythical scripture that was ingraved upon tablets of wood which were treated with the highest regard and strict punishment, was bestowed upon who attempted to change any of the information.

rongo tablets

It is believed that only the royal family, the chiefs of the island and a handful of officials could actually read the scriptures, it was read in a zig zag fashion and an interesting part of the language was the melody was an integral part to the understanding.

The great tablet ceremony was the celebration of the scriptures and many people dressed up in decorated uniforms for the occasion, gifts were presented to the great chief who would have a seat made from the tablets and from there the scriptures would be read aloud with punishment following any of those who made a mistake.

preview of the crescent tablet's carvings Notable tablets include:
  • Crescent Tablet
  • Oar
  • Mamari