Chile Museums


monocopulli musuem

If you're looking to get a taste of the rich culture, history and talent of Chile then one of the country's many museums will get you going in the right direction. Take a look below and a handful of exhibits we have suggested to get you started

Santiago museum

This building contains a wide range of authentic pieces that belonged to the Araucanos period of Santiago. This particular measure of time follows the history of the Maupache tribe who still remain within Chilean and Argentinan society to this day with their reputation for defending their land and people.

La Chascona Museum House

You can schedule yourself for a visit every half an hour to see for yourself where one of the arguably greatest poets of the 20th century resided, Pablo Neruda was a Nobel prize winner for literature in 1971 with connections to former president Salvador Allende, you will get the chance to visit his home in Santiago and see all the memorabilia that surrounded him.

Cathedral museum

As the name suggests you will get the chance to check out all that the Cathedral has to offer, you will be treated to three halls worth of manuscripts and other valuables from the 16th to around the 18th century. The three halls are the sacristy, the chapter house and the library so be sure to bring the camera!

Museum Moncopulli

Now here is one for all the big car fans out there, the classic car museum named Museum Moncopulli and it follows all of the top class cars that were in production in the mid century. One of the best things about the museum is the enthusiasm of the owner Bernardo Eggers. The passion he has had for these collectables since childhood is vibrant through the open doors of the building. If you're wanting to brush up on your knowledge of the automobile industry at its finest then this is the place to go.