Chile Dance

Dance in Chile

cueca dance

Chiles national dance the Cueca has had an interesting past where its deep integration into the culture has remained up until this day. Its meaning originates from the relationship of the rooster and the hen and revolves around the idea of the journey of romantic unity.

It has been held up high by Chileans as its popularity isn't focused on a specific demographic. With its 'hay day' recreation in the 1930's-40's to the present day with the youth keeping it refreshed for the 21st century. Sadly the dance did have a period where it was associated with the dictatorship in Chile where the dance was added to the marches that were frequent in the country.

A lady dancing the 'la cueca sola' with supporting band

Though the 'Cueca Sola' was a protest to the forced disappearance of their partners and family. It rejected the idea of defeat, now in modern times students have adapted their traditions and the dance has been rejuvinated removing it from the dictatorship label that was once so hard to be rid of.