Famous People of Chile

Famous People of Chile

Gabriela Mistral- A notable Feminist poet who is known for being the first Latin American to win the Nobel Prize for literature. Her work gained recogniton due to its exploration on the idea of life and death which was fueled by her challenging upbringing.

Victor Jara- victor jara famouse people pictureAn individual with many talents who was a significant member of the communist party of Chile. He is well known for his involvement in creating the "Nueva canción Chilena" His assassination during the military coup of 1973 boosted him into the spotlight for a symbol of the fight for human rights.

Nicanor Parra- An intriguing figure, he is a poet who goes against the grain being known as an "anti-poet" he is considered one of the most influential poets in Chile, his skills also made him a successful mathematicican.

Iván Zamorano- zamorano playing for inter milan For the sports lover there is home grown talent from Chile, having played for legendary football teams such as Inter Milan and Real Madrid he is also in the "FIFA 100" a list of the best fotball players in the world which are chosen by Pelé

Kristel Köbrich- She is a famous swimmer and considered the best that has come from Chile she holds the South American records for 800 and 1500 freestyle all this and more all at the age of 24.