Travel to Arica

nightshot of arica


When it comes down to the foundations of Arica it may not have all the attraction that you would come to expect in Santiago but it does bring its own charm which always keeps the tourism going.

One interesting fact about the area is that it is home to some of the worlds oldest known mummies and if that hasn't won you over then maybe the all year round good weather will sway you in the right direction.

Here are a run down of some of the sights that you should have on your to 'do' list:

Casa Bolognesi

Which is located besides El Morro, it is a property that is named after Francisco Bolognesi a military Peruvian who was widely known around Chile for his strong character and bravery. The Casa Bolognesi served as a military command centre.

San Marcos Church during the day Iglesia San Marcos

Certain things are said to get better with age and this is exactly the case when you are talking about Iglesia San Marcos. The design of the building itself is also quite a stones throw away from the norm, an example of this can be seen with its iron cast structure with only the door being made from wood. It was created by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel

Museo Historico y de Armas

The Museo Historico y de Armas gives an overlook of the history of the battle between Chile and Peru during the war on the pacific in 1880. They have the sort of memorabilia there that is to be expected, for example uniforms and weapons used.