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Easter Island

National Park

This is the prestige of Easter Island in a location that is unspoilt by the modern world you can witness the beauty of nature and historical artificats waiting to be captured by your camera whilst it grabs your imagination, the simplicity of the Moai statues adds to the sheer feat of architectural achievement with the weight of these structures in excess of at least 60 tons.

The park will keep you busy with the guided tours providing an abundance of useful and interesting information that will help you appreciate and understand the tradition of the Moai statues and why their preservation is of the up most importance. You will also be treated to trips to the volcanos and caves that are scattered around the island along with the stunning Anakena beach. The central focus of the island is unsurprisingly on the Moai statues and you can read more about these fascinating figures by clicking here

Museo Antropológico Sebastian Englert museo antropologico sebatian englert moai head piece

Another great way of getting to know the Moai statues and their heritage is by heading down to the Museo Antropologico Sebastian Englert, a very interesting Chile museum.

Here you shall find a set of replica Ronga tablets, similar traditional tools like Obsidian spearheads and the constructed eyes that were to be placed in the moai statues.

To put it simply if there are any questions unanswered during a tour of the statues around the national park then this will be the place you should check out.