Weather in Chile


Weather in Chile

The weather in Chile can really depend on what you want to do during your time so sometimes it'll be best going in the summer and vice versa.

In Chile you will literally get a contrast in the weather, the further down you go the lower the temperature will be. The north is known for its high temperatures that can regularly average around 30oc, it has been said to be one of the world's driest places.

The south offers the opposite in comparison where you won't exactly be in monsoon season but you get a break from the intense heat if that isn't your ideal scenerio. You can get temperatures around freezing in winter time, this is especially evident in the Andes mountains.

If you can't decide what you prefer or want the best of both worlds then you will be happy to know the centre of Chile offers a solution. It offers hot summers and chilly winters you get the best of both worlds in this generous climate!