Hotels in Santiago

hotel in santiago

Hotels in Santiago

1. Diego de Velázquez

A hotel that you can be sure to recieve a first rate service, all the facilities are above par with the rooms given a modern touch with new furniture and cable tv. With a restaurant amongst other services available don't hesitate to check them out

hotel paris room 2. Hotel París

This hotel is a unique taste of history within Chile's centre, with its great location it draws the crowds in with a friendly and welcoming staff who will lead you to your traditionally furnished rooms you will recieve a genuinely nice service

3. Hotel Foresta

One thing that can surely be said for this hotel is its taste for collectables as even upon entering the building you will be greeted by knights in armour and antique one of a kind pieces (oh yes and the staff will also be there) with all rooms up to a pleasant standard there shouldn't be any complaints and you can toast the start of an evening by enjoying the talents of those residing in the piano bars down the stairs.

4. Ritz Carlton

If you're looking for the best of the best in Chile then look no further than the Ritz Carlton, located in one of the most prominent neighbourhoods. It has a stunning spa, health and fitness centre, egyptian cotton sheets for your room and a glassroof top swimming pool just to name a hand full of perks. It may be a little heavier on your wallet but you're paying for quality