Hotels in Arica

hotel ancra

Hotels in Arica

1. Hotel Panamericana

This hotel is critically renowned from previous visitors, with some stunning views of the ocean and other aspects of the island. It is everything you would want from a top class hotel minus the hectic surroundings so you can concentrate on kicking back and relaxing. One of the wonderful extras about this hotel is the private stretch of sand they have ready for you to top up those all essential tans.

2. Hotel Azapa

This hotel has everything that you will need when you are travelling to Arica, you have a extensive range of facilities such as a hotel bar/restaurant, swimming pool, room service and if you're feeling in the active mood then test your skills on the tennis courts. Each room is spacious with clean facilities as expected and with little extras such as private baths to soak away a long days walking and cable tv to keep all the entertainment in check.