Chile Football


Sports in Chile

Whether you're just a fan wanting to check out a game or you're already half way to getting your kit on we have you covered here at What Chile, depending on where you go within the country you are sure to find some real gems and if you check out the lists below you can see each sport broken down to give you a good idea of what to expect and where you can find it


First we shall kick it off with the national team, this is where you will get to see all the big events and they were the hosts of the 1962 FIFA world cup, Their history stretches well over a century going back to 1895. They are one of the founding members of the CONMEBOL which is the South American Football Confederation, they home ground is located in Estadio Nacional de Chile.

The Chilean league breaks down into the following divisions:

  1. Primera División
  2. Primera B
  3. Tercera A
  4. Tercera B