Shopping in Chile

food market


Plans have already been given the go ahead to make the experience in Santiago a little easier with the addition of a subway that will connect you to the market and back.

You can feel a sense of relaxation during your time at the market because its unique atmosphere has been noted by many previous visitors, without the pressure selling and mass crowds throwing merchandise around you can take your time.

Bio Bio market

Opening each Saturday and Sunday you will get the chance to grab the bargains that possess some real vintage character, whether it be a new typewriter for that author's ambition you've been putting off or simply a wander around with a freshly made smoothie you won't be disappointed here.

You will find it south of the Santiago center and don't be put off if there is a lack of tourists as for many that is a plus as you get more of a real experience as this is a little bit off the track. Just make sure that you keep your belongings close to you as there are still some problems with the pickpocketing which is a similar scenerio for most markets.