Why Visit Chile?

Chile is a fascinating country packed with things to do and see. Below you can find just a short list of some of our favorite reasons to visit Chile.

Why Visit Chile Chile?

  • The Moai Statues

    To witness century old constructions that still amaze in not only their aesthetics but how they were even managed to be built and moved is reason in itself to check out these iconic statues. Learn more about the Easter Island Moai Statuespucón

  • The National park

    When some think of a park you would have a field with some recreation areas, though this park goes way beyond the expectations of the norm, with the grey lake, the Torres del Paines and simply breathtaking hiking routes you will be spoilt for choice in this natural playground of exploration.

  • Valparaíso

    valparaisoThis up and coming Unesco world heritage site has developed a unique character over the years. Nicknamed 'Valpo' it began as an important sea port for 'Changos' and is central to Chile. It's architecture is refreshing with a creative use of colours and location with querky changes to the norm such as the 'funicular' elevators.

  • Pucón

    A city in Chile that has a perfect location with its range of natural treasures that makes it a popular tourist destination. Its hot spots include the Villarrica National Park, the Trancura river and Quetrupillán volcano. With nature all around it's no surprise that it's a hotspot for sport enthusiasts. Learn more about travel to Pucon

  • cueca
  • Cueca

    To experience the Cueca, the national dance of Chile that has been performed for over a hundred years. Originating in 1906 it has an interesting history being a passionate dance between partners and was tainted for most of the population when it was used by Pinochet in his military marches.