Facts About Chile

chilean flag

Fast Facts

If you are looking to get up to date with all that is going on in Chile then take a look below at the 'Fast Fact' section below that has a handful of interesting facts that will get you started to knowing all about Chile!

  • Official language- Spanish
  • Area- 756,950km2
  • Growth rate- (-1.60%)
  • Population- Close to 17 million (16,928,873 approx)
  • Adult Literacy- 95.7%
  • GDP- $169.458 billion (2008)
  • Biggest exports- Copper
  • Volcanos- There are 2,000 volcanos in Chile and around 50 are active
  • Wine- It's the 6th largest exporter of wines
  • United Nations- Chile is one of the founding members of this international organisation.
  • Government- Chile's government is currently Republican.
  • Food- Chile is the second largest producer of salmon in the world