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Other Museums in Chile

winetasting museum

If you're looking to get a taste of the rich culture, history and talent of Chile then one of their many museums will be going in the right direction. Take a look below and a handful of exhibits suggested to get you started

< strong>Museo de la Alta Frontera

Next on the list is a building created in 1989, its unique twist comes in the form of it being a tribute to recycling it became the first cultural Centrex for the city of Los Ángeles. It's main attraction comes in the form of silverware from the 18-19th century that belonged to the Araucana (Mapuche) people. It is a testament to the skill that the Mapuche's attained in creating items from silver.

wine tour train on its journey The Wine Train

If you would like a change then this next museum will certainly be for you, so first off if you like wine (check) and you enjoy relaxing train journeys? If so then some clever clog has created this rather interesting tour of different regions of Chile to showcase the best wines for visitors to try whilst having entertainment provided that is classic Chilean dance.